What Sets Us Apart

We understand why companies and individuals join associations and that you have full-time jobs and busy families, so we focus on how to maximize the limited time you have to spend on your association. You have a rare opportunity to make a difference in your industry or profession. We know every Board of Directors strives to leave the organization better than when they started their terms, so we are experts at managing risk while still driving constant improvement and innovation. Finally, we know how valuable member interaction is to you. You want your members to have a robust experience with your organization. We know what it takes to get your members more involved on a year long basis.

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We take every relationship seriously and strive to provide an experience where each and every client feels like our only client.

Meet the Team

Our Mission

Unleashing the power of organizations through meaningful missions, sound strategies, flawless execution, and inspired members.

Our Vision

Organizations achieve unprecedented success once they become part of the SEVEN12 family.

Our Leadership

As SEVEN12’s Chairman, my focus is constantly innovating how we stay ahead of the latest trends facing organizations while growing and retaining the most talented team of association management professionals in this business. My involvement with associations is focused on excellence in governance and strategy development while SEVEN12’s Chief Executive Officer, Molly Alton Mullins, an experienced association executive at her core, leads the team and adapts the talents within SEVEN12 to the unique needs and challenges of each of our partner organizations.

Talbot Molly Side by side

Talbot Gee                                          Molly Alton Mullins

Trusted by our clients and over 1,000+ member companies, including:

Our Core Values

Transparency is Key

Every interaction with SEVEN12 has transparency at its core. From our fees to our project deliverables, you’ll always know exactly where you stand and what you’ll get.

Elevated Service

We believe that there is no end to the level of service you should receive. That is why we treat every client like our only client.

Associations are Powerful

We’ve seen first-hand what associations are capable of, and we are impressed with what you accomplish. Our focus is to help you amplify the power of your association to do more good.

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