Spencer Flaherty

Spencer Flaherty is the Marketing Coordinator for SEVEN12 Management. His day to day responsibilities includes keeping client social media accounts updated, creating promotional photo and video assets, as well as covering client conferences. Spencer likes to spend as much time outdoors as he can while still getting back to work the next day. He can be reached at

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The Future of Time Travel

Sep 5, 2019 4:04:21 PM / by Spencer Flaherty posted in Marketing & Communications


The current year is 2140, time travel has become accessible to any single person regardless of their wealth. The ability to take yourself to any previous time is easily accomplished through a few movements of your Digital Brain Controller. Revisiting your organization 25, 50, or even 100 years ago is simple and speaking with historical board and volunteer members is commonplace. All sensory input is quickly within reach – except for smell (which may be preferred for pre-1920s travel).

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