Attendee Badge Trends: What Works for Your Annual Event?

Nov 11, 2019 1:56:06 PM / by Cathy Vick

hello ntag-1We’ve come a long way from the “Hello my name is” peel and stick name tags. Today’s convention badges are bright and colorful with innovative digital capabilities and are instrumental to the success of your event. The main goal of a convention is to educate and facilitate relationships to further the business of its attendees and the event badge makes all that possible. Today’s convention badge clearly displays your name and so much more.

Variety of Badges

Association conventions tend to be annual events. How better to make your program a memorable one than to use event-specific branding? I’m not talking about just putting the association logo on the top of the badge. Instead, create a theme for your event and reflect that theme around your event and, most importantly, in your badge design. This allows you to turn your event badge into a keepsake that serves double duty as a walking advertisement for your yearly event. 


As we know, networking is a primary goal of every convention. The event badge immediately creates a community for attendees and helps connect people through color and design by grouping your attendees. For example, if your goal is to connect manufacturers with distributors, make each badge a different color. Each are clearly identifiable and enable those connections to happen easily. Likewise, an attendee looking to network within their own industry segment can identify those with their same colored badge or lanyard. 

qr codeIn this day of digital advancement and innovation, it’s time to forget the business card. By now, we’ve all seen barcodes or QR codes on everything from merchandise to airline tickets. Why not put one on your badge? Your personal contact and social media information can be uploaded via a bar or QR code on your badge. Simply scan the attendee’s badge and their contact information is automatically downloaded into your contacts on you cell phone. 

Don’t get lost! Convention programs are packed full of “do not miss” activities taking place in multiple locations. Print the program schedule with locations on the back of the badge; attendees always know where they need to be and when.

RFIDWhere are they? Want to know which educational program or event is the most popular or who attends a specific program? Badges can be microchipped with GPS capabilities. No more counting or roll call. Following the flow of your attendees can help you organize your next event in a more constructive manner. 

Pro-Tip: Sell, Sell, Sell

Seeking a sponsorship? It’s a win, win situation. Your organization can defer a portion of the cost of the badge while your sponsor gets their company name front and center by having their logo or tagline on every badge.

As technology advances, the opportunities for name badges are seemingly endless. Despite the sizes, colors, designs, and capabilities, the trends are ever-evolving. What trends or variations are you seeing that facilitate connections at your meetings? Email me at as I want to hear your thoughts. 

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