Why Choose an Association Management Company (AMC) to Manage Your Organization?

May 30, 2019 10:10:48 AM / by Molly Alton Mullins

The simple answer? All the services you want, at a fraction of the cost.

If you’ve been in business long enough, I hope you agree there are many ways you can run a successful organization. Success is determined by many things, ranging from exceptional customer service to offering the best price to sometimes, just being in the right place at the right time. However, I think virtually all of us can agree that having the best people working for you is a critical component to long term success. Hiring the RIGHT staff is something many of us struggle with, and in the world of associations, it is no different. So how can you retain a full-scale, competent staff of experts when you’re a small to mid-size organization? Easy. You hire an AMC.

Lots of Expertise. Lower Costs. 

You can choose to hire and train a complete staff to manage your organization, or you can choose to hire an AMC, association management company, which will offer you a skilled labor force through a cost sharing formula. By utilizing the AMC model, you are able to share salary and benefit costs with other organizations so you have access to top-tier experts in membership, marketing, meetings, finance, board development and more at a fraction of the cost you would pay to employ those individuals outright. Think about it this way. What would it cost you to hire a CFO? A Marketing Director? An Education Coordinator? Event Planner? CEO? You get the gist.

More Experts. Less Generalists.

164A4012I have worked in small associations before as a staff member. They are great, but often you find yourself working on a project where, quite frankly, you have limited expertise. I was once responsible for building an educational kiosk for a maritime museum. If anyone knows my skill sets (and patience for bureaucratic red tape), this is not an area where I excel. But, because we were a staff of four people, someone had to manage this project and it fell to me. With an AMC, however, you can work with experts in varied subject areas, instead of simply assigning projects to whomever has the bandwidth. Did I finish the kiosk? Sure. But I bet others could have done it much better.

Shared Overhead. Decreased Expenses.

I have lived and worked in the Washington, DC metro area for most of my career. Rent, and overall office expenses are very expensive here. If any of my clients were to try to rent their own space and pay their own overhead costs, it would drastically reduce their available capital to fund member programs and services. Instead, by being a part of an AMC, they share these costs with our full client portfolio. We keep it fair and each client pays their share based on size, to maximize equability between my smaller and larger clients. 

Is the AMC Model Perfect? No.

seven12-logo--colorSure, if you go the AMC route, instead of being a standalone organization, there are challenges. You share staff and resources. There can be potential conflicts with other client meetings and events. You might not feel like you have your Account Executive’s full attention. Yes, these challenges are possible, but I would argue that the RIGHT AMC doesn’t let this happen. At SEVEN12, every client has their own email addresses for all staff, their own phone lines, their own assigned contact people and support staff. We work all the time for every client, whether we are onsite for other events or not and regardless of other obligations. Our motto is that every client deserves the same amount of attention, and most importantly, to have their programs expertly executed and their metrics exceeded. The best compliment I can ever receive from a member is to hear, “Wow, you are an AMC and have other clients? I thought we were the only one.”

That is music to my ears and what we strive to achieve every day.

Find out more about what an AMC can achieve at www.SEVEN12Management.com.

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Molly Alton Mullins

Written by Molly Alton Mullins

Molly Alton Mullins is CEO and Chief Strategist of SEVEN12 Management, a full service, management company whose sole mission is to help member organization clients improve their company’s bottom lines. Molly loves the Washington Capitals, spending time with family and friends, and is working toward hiking every national park in the U.S. She can be reached at mmullins@seven12management.com.