About ADAA

The American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) is the oldest, largest group representing professional dental assistants. Its members include clinical personnel, those working chairside with the dentist, as well as those on the administrative side: the receptionist, office manager, practice manager and those working behind the scenes in dental product sales, insurance and, of course, educators.

Established over 90 years ago, the ADAA provides continuing education to dental assistants through home study courses, professional journals and local, state and national meetings with educational agendas. It encourages education, registration and certification for dental assisting professionals while providing a network of personal services for its members. Services such as insurance programs, salary and other surveys and travel and leisure services.

“As President of ADAA, I eagerly look forward to working with our new management team of SEVEN12. With their innovative and creative ways, they can move our association forward. The experience and resources of SEVEN12 can take our association to the next level in representing dental assistants across the world. ”

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Betty Fox
ADAA President

The Mission

To advance the careers of dental assistants and to advocate for the dental assisting profession in matters of education, professional activities, credentialing, and legislation. To promote the ideals and growth of the Association which aid in the accessibility and delivery of quality oral health care to the public.

Serving over 20,000 dental team members, we know what it means to be part of a team. ADAA knows what it means to advance your career. There are many reasons to join the ADAA but unlimited free online education is a big one! Continuing education is important to your professional development as much as it is to your patients. It is also important to your dental team. Take advantage of all the ADAA site has to offer: networking with your peers, chat, and more!

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