About AEA

Formed in 1991 by five wholesale-distributor trade associations, the Association Education Alliance (AEA), has grown to represent 43 trade associations in the distribution and manufacturing world. The vision of AEA is to identify, evaluate and develop educational products and programs for use by member associations as well as to facilitate networking and idea sharing among AEA members. 

Top Accomplishments

Strategic Partnerships

AEA has formed a network of over 40 associations that communicate throughout the year to share and workshop common challenges, opportunities, and successes.


Educating the Supply Chain

AEA provides educational offerings to the members of our member associations, allowing the associations to collaboratively benefit by pooling resources and services that provide optimal results.


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About UID

Since 1994, the University of Innovative Distribution (UID) has been a renowned educational program focused on the unique needs of the wholesale-distribution industry. Known worldwide for excellence in education, UID is sponsored by leading distribution trade associations, in cooperation with the Innovative Distribution Program at Purdue University. Working together, these groups take great pride in providing a superior learning experience.

Top Accomplishments


Year Over Year Consistent Growth

The University of Innovative Distribution has been growing since its 1994 inception. Over the last few years, UID has seen unprecedented numbers at our annual educational event, exceeding 600 attendees from over 40 sponsoring associations.


Valuable Expert Industry Content

Over the past 25 years, UID has offered over 1,000 courses to our attending students from the most innovative names in distribution. UID Instructors compete for selection through a rigorous vetting process, ensuring their topics and expertise cater to the wide range of industries served at UID. This affords UID to create an immersive educationally-intensive program dedicated to enriching the lives of distribution professionals worldwide.

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