A Full Range of Cost-Effective, Value-Based Programs and Services

All services are available as part of a comprehensive total management service program to assist your organization in carrying out its specific needs and objectives. Each service is available to your organization on a shared-cost basis, allowing utilization of services and support based on your organization's needs and financial limitations.

Communications, Marketing, and Sales

Timely, informative, cost-effective communications is a key ingredient of any association. The development of appropriate communication, marketing, and sale vehicles, targeted to the association's specific audiences, is an essential task to be managed by the association's leadership and staff.

SEVEN12 Management is fully experienced in the development and distribution of communications materials, both print and electronic, in support of the association's objectives, and targeted to its specific audiences.

  • Inbound and digital marketing 
  • Website analytics and dashboards
  • Exhibit and sponsorship sales
  • Association websites and social media platform development
  • Newsletters and announcements (print & electronic)
  • Conference, meeting, and event promotional brochures and program booklets, announcements, exhibitor registration kits, attendee registration kits, and evaluation surveys and reports
  • Membership applications, recruitment letters, new member welcome kits, and membership services directories (print & online)
  • Trade press relations, press releases, image building and awareness
  • Promotional materials, service and product promotions and advertising copy, government affairs bulletins, legislative/regulatory updates, and public policy initiatives

Membership Services

Serving members' needs and interests is the focal point for all trade associations. The recruitment of new members, the retention of current members, and a commitment to quality member service are essential to a growing and successful organization.

SEVEN12 Management specializes in the administration of systems and procedures designed to provide the highest quality service to association members and to support the continued development and expansion of the organization's membership base. Membership services focus primarily on:

  • Timely response to all requests for service
  • Membership database management
  • Membership surveys and studies
  • Development and maintenance of member prospect lists
  • Coordinated and effective membership recruitment campaigns
  • Maintaining complete and accurate financial and activity records for all members

We Take Care of the Details

We are experts at managing risk while still driving constant improvement and innovation

Program Services

The marketing, development and distribution of tangible products, programs, and services are essential to the continued success of a membership organization. SEVEN12 Management  has a reputation for maintaining an aggressive, creative approach to providing a wide variety of benefits, tailored to the specific interests and needs of the industry and the members.

Depending on the association's interests, such services and programs may include:

  • Professional development and certification programs designed to enhance the professional growth of individual members and recognition of the association's leadership role within the industry
  • Webinars and seminars designed to provide low-cost training or education on selected topics
  • Production and acquisition of textbooks, manuals, and references focusing on various aspects of the industry
  • Association web site and social media platform development, design and management
  • Development of industry standards, programs and guidelines
  • Industry-wide and association surveys, reports and analyses
  • Training seminars and workshops, offered at both at the regional level and in conjunction with annual meetings
  • Formal and informal networks for CEO's, industry leaders, and association members
  • Affinity program development, helping members to save on key business resources and services

With SEVEN12 Management's support, organizations can increase the level of member vitality and enthusiasm, while providing essential opportunities for professional growth, training and development, and industry support. Even small organizations on limited budgets can develop meaningful membership programs and services which will benefit both the members and the association.


Meetings & Conventions

An association's most time-intensive function often involves the development, implementation, and follow-up related to conducting annual conventions, conferences, trade shows and/or regional meetings and seminars. The task of managing the myriad details and logistics becomes far less daunting when handled by SEVEN12 Management's team of experienced associates.

From board and committee meetings of a dozen members to annual conventions hosting over one thousand attendees, SEVEN12 Management works closely with the association's leadership at every step, from the development of the concept and theme to hotel and site selection, choosing professional and industry speakers, and organizing social and recreational events and entertainment. In keeping with the purpose and budget for each meeting, SEVEN12 Management's meeting management services may include:

  • Conference assessments and evaluations
  • Selection of site venue and facility
  • Negotiating contracts with all service vendors
  • Marketing and promotion of the total event
  • Selection of speakers and presenters
  • Conference program planning
  • Coordination of staff and volunteer support
  • Development of social and recreational programs
  • Press releases and advertising
  • Conference registrations and database management
  • Trade show and exhibit management
  • Review and appraisal reports

SEVEN12 Management's associates have successfully managed hundreds of regional seminars, board meetings, national conferences, industry trade shows, international conventions and educational workshops throughout the United States and Canada. Through its extensive network of vendors and service providers, SEVEN12 Management provides efficient, effective and responsive management of association's meetings services nationwide.

Financial Management

As SEVEN12 Management's client association, your organization will receive a full range of management services on a shared-cost basis, depending on your needs, interests and financial limitations. Within this environment of cost sensitivity, your organization will be assured of sound financial management, confidentiality of all budget and financial matters, timely and accurate financial reports, detailed annual operating budgets and complete autonomy and control over your organization's financial affairs.

As noted within the SEVEN12 Management/Client Management Agreement, your organization's annual operating budget will define the expectations, conditions, and limits for the types of services and programs that will be provided throughout the year.

The following financial management services are provided to all SEVEN12 Management clients:

  • Preparation of annual operating budget
  • Invoicing and collecting of all dues, fees and accounts receivable
  • Management of accounts payable and maintenance of sound vendor relations
  • Preparation and distribution of monthly balance sheet and financial statements
  • Establishment and maintenance of appropriate checking accounts
  • Management of approved investments

By working closely with the organization's finance committee and/or treasurer, SEVEN12 Management will ensure that all programmatic and services decisions are made in the context of available funding.

It is highly recommended that associations conduct an annual audit by an accredited independent CPA firm, to include the filing of appropriate tax forms. SEVEN12 Management will arrange for such an audit each year, providing further assurance of the association's financial integrity.

Professional Development & Certification

Workforce retention and onboarding new hires with little or no industry experience is a challenge in today’s world. Job knowledge and continuing education opens doors and creates sustainable career pathways. Associations that provide relevant, informative and creative educational content offer a tremendous value to their membership base. We specialize in helping associations develop comprehensive education strategies tailored to meet the need of organizations regardless of their size or budget. 

Our goal is first and foremost to enable associations to offer quality, affordable and viable education programs using different variations of online, real-time and in-person delivery options. 

Identifying and working with subject matter experts within your membership and in the field enables SEVEN12 Management to capitalize and leverage this expertise to optimize the value of the final delivered product.

The following is a sample of educational program initiatives being offered:    

  • Committee management
  • Specialty seminars and workshops
  • Qualified certification programs
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Industry content, course and curriculum development
  • Assessment development
  • Webinar series
  • Podcasts
  • Learning Management System administration
  • Education content for newsletters and publications
  • Speaker selection and contracting

SEVEN12 Management offers the resources and expertise to help associations assume a leading-edge in this area.  

We believe in Transparency and Partnership

Every interaction and decision is made with your organization’s best interest at mind.


Board & Committee Development

The continued growth and vitality of an association is directly related to its ability to attract knowledgeable, committed and dedicated volunteer leaders to serve on its standing committees and board of directors. The development of a strong, capable board is the result of decisive, careful planning, not chance.

SEVEN12 Management will help your association to properly train, orient and develop your key leaders, in order to maximize potential. Like many other skills, an individual's ability to serve his or her association is a combination of interest, commitment and training. SEVEN12 Management commitment to leadership development and volunteer orientation has provided enhanced opportunities and success for each of our clients.

Board and committee training will enable members to properly focus their energies on the key responsibilities of: 

  • Providing a vision for the future
  • Keeping the organization's mission current and vital
  • Developing strategic plans and objectives
  • Ensuring the financial solvency of the organization
  • Enhancing the association's image with members and the general public
  • Communications strategies and relationship-building to provide contacts between association members and elected officials, and to present associations' positions on key issues
  • Guiding and supporting the executive director and staff
  • Creating an environment for success

Strategic Thinking & Decision-Making

Associations are not-for-profit businesses formed to assist their members' / customers' success in their industry/marketplace. Through the process of regular strategic thinking, SEVEN12 Management assists association leaders in making their dreams (vision) become reality (action plans). 

By engaging in the process of strategic thinking, and by making the important decisions about what to do, and what not to do,  an organization's leadership takes the necessary time to visualize future opportunities, and then to convert those visions into clear, accountable action steps, to be managed by the standing committees and staff. For many volunteer leaders, this process can be the most enjoyable of activities. By drawing on the knowledge, insight and experience of the association's leadership, the organization can create goals and objectives which may result in exciting new programs, services and benefits for the association and its membership. 

SEVEN12 Management's experienced associates will help guide your leadership through the strategic process, and will assist in managing the resultant decisions. Typically, the process involves any or all of the following components: 

  • Setting a vision for the future
  • Identifying the organization's mission
  • Understanding the organizational life cycle
  • Defining association functions and goals
  • Analysis of current realities affecting the industry
  • Analysis of future trends and impacts
  • Redefining the role of board and staff members
  • Review of members' needs and interests, as well as those of their customers
  • Development of strategies and tactics
  • Development and management of action steps
  • Allocating available resources for maximum benefit

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