A Comprehensive Total Management Service Program

All services are available to your organization on a shared-cost basis, providing you premium programs and services that support your organization's mission as financially beneficial as possible. 

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Communications, Marketing, and Sales

Providing informative and cost-effective marketing and communications that help organizations maximize their bottom lines.

Membership Services

Serving members' needs and interests is the focal point for all trade associations.

Program Services

Programs are essential to the continued success of a membership organization.

Meetings & Conventions

The task of managing the myriad details and logistics becomes far less daunting when handled by our experienced team.

Financial Management

Receive a full range of management services on a shared-cost basis, depending on your needs, interests and financial limitations.

Professional Development & Certification

SEVEN12 helps organizations provide its members access to quality professional training and certification opportunities.

Board & Committee Development

The development of a strong, capable board is the result of decisive, careful planning, not chance.

Strategic Thinking & Decision Making

Through the process of regular strategic thinking, SEVEN12 assists leaders in making their dreams (vision) become reality (action plans).

See how companies like yours are growing with SEVEN12

“Having been on the board for six years now, I have been impressed year over year with Molly and her professional staff at SEVEN12. Not only are they able to plan and execute successful conventions for over 1,000 people, they are fantastic managing and improving the NAHAD program offerings. In just the past few years we have been able to move from an Educational Roadmap to a full-blown Online Learning Academy. Coming from a mid-size distributor that does not have a lot of resources, this is a very valuable tool for us. If your association is considering working with SEVEN12, I highly recommend them!"


Karen Branvold
NAHAD, Immediate Past President; Omni Services, Inc.

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