About Blake

Blake started his social media career in 2013. Throughout his 8+ year journey, Blake became a marketing Swiss Army Knife, experimenting with every marketing outlet there is: social media, email marketing, sales, graphic design, video editing, event management, and more. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Master’s of Science in Professional Media Management, he worked for a start-up non-profit out of Washington D.C. before joining the SEVEN12 Management team in June 2020.

As SEVEN12's Social Media & Digital Manager, you’ll find Blake with his eyes glued to his computer screens curating social media content and editing websites for all association clients; managing 60+ social media platforms and 15+ websites for our clients. On top of being a digital maven, Blake enjoys creating social media graphics, producing video content, and brainstorming ideas to help optimize member engagement, both in-person and digitally.  Blake is committed to providing personalized creatives for every client to achieve maximum brand awareness, increased membership, and an insane amount of followers.


"It’s incredibly gratifying when a member reaches out to me to participate in any social media initiative or campaign. It fills my heart to know that they are not only interacting with my messaging, but willing to be an active member in their association – it’ FANTASTIC!"

Fun Fact

"I'm a Zumba Instructor - I love to dance!"