About Colleen

Colleen orchestrates certification and accreditation programs for SEVEN12 Management clients ensuring the highest industry ethical standards. Additionally, Colleen assists with events and board development and continuing education.


"Each November, at the annual meeting of my board of 13 members, I ask the question “Do we have anyone who would like to step down from their duties on the board?” and most everyone responds with a firm NO! Many of these board members have worked with me for my entire 10 years at SEVEN12 Management and seem to appreciate seeing the progress we are making as a team under my direction."



Fun Fact

"Just after I moved to Maryland, my family in New York auditioned for the TV show, “Family Feud.” Since the tryouts were held in New York City, they felt they would not “bother” me to drive the five hours to join them (or that’s what they told me) and resultingly, they did not win (at least that’s what I think!). I choose to remind them of the error of their ways each time those family memories are shared."