About Dominique

Dominique oversees the marketing and sales strategies for SEVEN12 Management and Association clients. She brings to the team 16 years of sales and marketing leadership. Working closely with executives and boards of directors, she ensures membership, education, meetings, and other programmatic deliverables are met and aligned with revenue goals and the company’s overall strategic vision.

Additionally, she is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic and tactical marketing and sales plans, oversees collateral and materials development, and manages production timelines. She is committed to ensuring clients receive exceptional customer service−providing the resources to help them thrive well into the future.


"The most gratifying part of the job for me is seeing everyone combine their individual talents to produce a great end result for the clients we serve."


Fun Fact

Actor Martin Sheen attended the same high school I did. At the time, it was an all-boys school (Chaminade) and later merged with its all-girls sister school (Julienne)—forming Chaminade Julienne.