About Talbot

As the owner and chairman of SEVEN12 Management, Talbot ensures that Molly and her team have everything they need to help clients achieve their respective missions. His experience is best used to find ways to continually innovate SEVEN12’s association management model and assess and mitigate risks for clients and the company alike. For clients with Molly as their chief staff officer, he serves as the management liaison to ensure we are exceeding all expectations.


"Witnessing a Board of Directors transition from an exhausted, burdened group who felt they had to do every job and make every decision that no other members wanted to replace to a vibrant, engaged, and excited Board with more nominees for future Board seats that they could handle by being able to trust their management team and focus truly on what really mattered to their companies and their association."

Fun Fact

"All three of my daughters were born at the exact same weight, 7 pounds, 12 ounces, which is why we are SEVEN12 Management."