SEVEN12 Management Welcomes New Marketing Expertise to Its Staff

Mar 10, 2021 9:05:34 AM / by Katelyn Marks

(Annapolis, MD) — As SEVEN12 Management (SEVEN12) continues to grow and enhance its service offerings, the company is pleased to announce three new marketing team members who have been added to its expanding staff: Dominique Abney, Blake Bussie, and Katelyn Marks.

Dominique Abney joined SEVEN12 in September 2020 as the Director of Marketing & Sales where she directs marketing and sales strategies for SEVEN12 Management and its clients. Dominique brings 15+ years of sales and marketing leadership to the team. As head of the marketing department, she works closely with leadership to ensure ROI and revenue goals are obtained through the successful implementation of marketing, communication, and sales plans. Dominique also oversees the production of marketing materials for conferences, educational programs, and conventions. She is committed to ensuring clients receive exceptional customer service−providing the resources to help them thrive well into the future.

Blake Bussie joined SEVEN12 in July 2020 as the Social Media & Digital Manager. Blake manages all client social media content, website development, and other digital communications for SEVEN12 and its clients. He joins the company with to 5+ years of experience developing social media campaigns, marketing research, social media analytics, and digital strategies. Blake is committed to providing personalized creativity for each client to achieve maximum online engagement.

Katelyn Marks joined SEVEN12 in December 2020 as the Communications Coordinator. She manages digital content for clients including website content, email communications, and newsletters. Katelyn brings more than 6+ years of experience in content creation, social media campaigns, analytical reporting, and graphic design to the marketing team. She is committed to providing informative and creative content for SEVEN12 and its clients.

SEVEN12 Management looks forward to seeing this new team grow and thrive in their new positions. For more information on SEVEN12 Management, visit www.seven12management.com.


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SEVEN12 Management, founded in 1993, provides highly personal, member-focused services for varied organizations, helping them to grow, prosper, and fulfill their respective missions. SEVEN12 currently manages 14 full-service organizations, providing comprehensive, cost-effective staff leadership for all administrative, financial, programmatic, educational, membership, convention, communications, and certification services for our client associations.

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Katelyn Marks

Written by Katelyn Marks

A lifelong wordsmith, Katelyn is responsible for writing a multitude of content for our clients including newsletters, emails, and website content. With more than 6 years of developing content, Katelyn is committed to providing informative and creative content for Seven12 and its clients.